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Argyros School of Business and Economics

Programs for Argyros School of Business & Economics

Use the links below to view study abroad opportunities by major:
Business Administration

Walk on Wall Street 2013The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics (ABSE) develops business leaders who create value for their organizations by blending the capacity for sound economic reasoning and a global perspective with the qualities of individual initiative, accountability, effective communication, and integrity.

Why not take the opportunity to complement your business program with academic experiences in another country? According to a recent survey of top executives at private sector and nonprofit organizations, employers want college students to graduate with more knowledge of global issues. In 2009, Chapman University was ranked 21st in the nation for “Leading Institutions for Undergraduate Participation in Study Abroad” for Masters Institutions, according to the prestigious
Open Doors Report.

All ASBE students regardless of emphasis must complete one semester study abroad; complete one international travel course; participate in one international internship program; or take one upper-division internationally focused course as one of their upper-division electives. All students who declare an International Business emphasis must complete one international travel course (minimum 3 credits) or one semester one semester study abroad. Students who complete a semester abroad automatically satisfy the Global Study portion of the GE program and the courses taken can satisfy major, minor or GE requirements.

Build your four years at Chapman around a semester abroad in your Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year by attending one of the ASBE approved programs in the following list. The list of universities and countries available for study abroad is subject to change.

Please note: Accounting Majors should not study abroad during the Fall semester of their Junior year as it conflicts with courses offered at Chapman during that time that are essential to the major. Accounting Majors should consider a semester abroad in the Sophomore year.