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Chapman University maintains a record of the courses that previous Study Abroad students have taken, and the equivalent Chapman credit that was granted for each course. To view the course equivalencies for this program, click “Courses Offered” at the top of this brochure page. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all courses available at the institution. You may find a link to the entire course catalog for this institution in the "Academic Information" portion of the program brochure. Students are encouraged to propose additional or revised equivalencies during the application process, which will be evaluated by the appropriate academic units on campus.
You searched for courses(active) applicable to the program, SIT Jordan: Geopolitics and Future of the Middle East.
Code Title Hours Discipline GE Code Approved By
ISPR 3000
Sociology    Registrar's Office 
ARAB 2000-2500
Arabic  LC  Registrar's Office 
MEDS 3000
Sociology    Registrar's Office 
ANTH 3500
Anthropology    Registrar's Office